Vessel transport is one of our main services that we provide and it involves cooperation with several parties. Vessel transport demands punctuality and seamless communication among all parties. Recently, we successfully carried out Baltic Workboats full-electrical ferry transport from Estonia to Belgium. As the electric ferry is primarily designed for short-distance inland waterway travel, it was unsuitable to cross the Baltic Sea independently.

Therefore, we facilitated the transportation of the ferry on the cargo ship deck. We needed to create a detailed action plan with a tight time frame and provide all the necessary permits, ferry insurance and plans to all partners, including docking plan, lashing and loading plan (also known as stowage plan), hot work permit, etc.

Baltic Workboats full-electrical ferry transport from Estonia to Belgium

To execute this, we needed to use the nearest loading port to the shipyard, which was the port of Virtsu. The Baltic Workboats ferry was sailed from the shipyard in Nasva, Saaremaa to Virtsu (3h sailing). The electrical ferry was lifted with perfect precision by two Ithalkraanad cranes onto the Meriaura cargo vessel Aava VG and firmly secured to the ship’s deck. After a six-day sea voyage, the ferry arrived at Belgium port HavenOostende and was carefully lifted off the cargo vessel and delivered to the client.

Despite the persistent threat of inclement weather, which could have impeded the transfer operation, we effectively ensured the timely delivery of the new ferry without any damage. We owe this success to the dedication and expertise of our exceptional partners. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved for their seamless cooperation.

The fully electric passenger and bicycle ferry, named “Vaar-Wel Raveel,” will be operated by the Belgian State Fleet Agency, DAB Vloot.

We wish “Vaar-Wel Raveel ” and her crew safe seas!

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