Workboats Consulting is a small private owned maritime consultancy company focusing on managing risks, costs and investments of workboats users. The company has been in business since 2015 offering consultancy services to public and private organizations. These organizations involve border guards, police, maritime administrations, search and rescue units, towing companies, maritime transport companies, pilotage companies and ports. Our multilingual team consists of experts from various fields with an average of 16 years working in the industry.

For getting a better understanding of our team we would highlight the following key fields of expertise: port and shipping management, technical exploitation of ships, tug operations, specialized ship (pilot, patrol, SAR etc.) operations, ferry operations, fleet management, crew management, (public/private) procurements and tenders, shipbuilding and ship sales, safety and management system (ISM Code), business negotiations and financial management (focusing on maritime industry).

We use our best knowledge in those fields to find the most suitable solutions. We may have a small team, but we are super flexible and with fast response time. Our biggest strength is however the vast global network which ensures us the constant flow of latest industry directions, news and knowhow. Thanks to our worldwide partners we can offer probably the best quality-price ratio consultancy service.

If you are searching for a workboat or workboat crew then we are just the right company to contact!


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
We provide full-scale professional manning service for special service vessels: tugs, dredgers, barges, CTV's etc. General description of our crews:

✓ High quality professionals
✓ Experienced
✓ Determined
✓ Willing to make a change!

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Profitability is an everlasting subject for all managers and owners. Profitability calculations and analysis made by our experts give you a clear view of the profitability of your investments.

✓ Shipbuilding cost-benefit analysis
✓ Ship(s) cost-benefit analysis
✓ Ship(s) lifecycle costs analysis
✓ Technical evaluation and ship valuation

Workboat purchase and chartering
We will support you finding the right workboat for your duties. We offer full scale service from idea to delivery.

✓ Technical evaluation and pre-purchase/charter survey
✓ Demobilization
✓ Contract Management
✓ Shipbuilding Project Management
✓ Client Representation
✓ Owner Supervision
✓ Ship Design & Engineering

Maritime transport
We provide workboat and cargo operators very fast and flexible transport service:

✓ Full service harbour and ocean towage

✓ Transport of boats, ships, yachts, ship hulls, barges etc

✓ Maritime transport project management

Management Team

Edgar Peganov
Edgar Peganov



Ernst Siniorg
Ernst Siniorg



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