Workboats Consulting as your reliable vessel transport partner

With long-term experience in the maritime industry and a broad network of partners, Workboats Consulting is a reliable partner in project cargo and vessel transport.

We recommend that the vessel’s transport is taken into account at the design stage. During the vessel design process, it is possible to consider constructional add-ons and options that do not have a significant time or cost impact on the vessel’s construction but will ensure substantial savings in both time and money for the transport of the vessel in the future. If we are transporting an existing vessel, then we recommend reserving some time for preparation work. Preparation works are crucial to minimize the risks of damage and to ensure that the vessel is technically ready for safe lashing, loading and securing operations.

We treat every shipment as a unique undertaking and work closely with our customers to ensure a successful delivery. Whether we are transporting military or naval vessels, ferries, pilot boats, or any other ships, our goal is to analyze the requirements of each shipment and provide a tailored solution. It is almost impossible to develop a 1:1 similar solution, as the requirements and destinations of each vessel transport are different. For project-based cargo transport, we first discuss and explore various options, analyze how to deliver the vessel to the destination in the safest way, and then provide the customer with an initial overview of the recommended solution. In cooperation with the customer, we develop a cargo transportation plan. After the plan is confirmed with the customer, we organize the necessary permits and plans (such as lashing and loading plan, stowage plan, lifting plan, etc.), properly prepare the necessary documents, and ensure the proper customs declarations.

Transport of a full-electric ferry from Estonia to Belgium.

Putting together a quotation requires a careful focus on the client’s wishes and goals. Depending on the details of the price request given by the customer, it can take 1-2 weeks from the time of receiving the request. It may seem like a long time, but our goal is to develop a quote that covers all the logistics and operations required for successful ship transport and takes into account all possible risks.

Workboats Consulting is dedicated to the preparation of documents, and we always make sure that everything is in accordance with the requirements and the laws. Once the necessary documentation has been approved, we are ready to proceed with the preparation of the vessel. To prepare the vessel, our project manager uses a detailed checklist to ensure that the vessel is fully prepared for transport and that nothing is left undone in the process. For example, the checklists include checking the availability of the equipment required for the transport of the vessel, checking the people involved (including the certificates and training required), and an initial visit to the vessel with the owner or agent. Depending on the mode of transport and the type of vessel, it may be necessary to remove and dismantle equipment that could be damaged during the lifting or transport. Thanks to many years of experience, Workboats Consulting’s team can ensure that the vessel will be ready on time.

Pilot vessel transport from Estonia to Canada.

Due to changes in the schedules of shipping companies, various delays in ports, breakdowns, and, of course, bad weather conditions, it is not always possible to ensure that the ship arrives at the port of destination on time. If the vessel has been secured with the support and supervision of Workboats Consulting team, we can ensure that the vessel is secured properly and securely and there will be no delays because of inaccurate documentation. Based on our experience, we will also guide our client regarding the optimal deadline for vessel dispatch, taking into consideration potential weather-related delays to ensure the vessel arrives at its destination on time.

We are no match for the weather, and storms at sea are particularly severe. To ensure that full compensation is paid in the event of an accident, it is essential to ensure that the vessel has proper insurance. We do not offer a marine insurance service, but we do have a strong network of marine insurance brokers who can provide clients with the best insurance solution. Our aim is to think through every possible situation in detail and to consider different solutions so that we can advise our clients on how to get a reasonable insurance solution for their vessel delivery operation.

Workboats Consulting’s services for vessel deliveries:

  • Global vessel transport: From commercial and pleasure boats, yachts, and ship hulls transport to specialized military, patrol, SAR, and pilot boat transport.
  • Project management: Ensuring every task aligns with the final vision.
  • Streamlined paperwork & documentation: Ensuring that project is carried out in proper and legal way
  • Marine warranty survey: ensuring compliance with insurance policy.
  • Technical assistance: Navigating complexities with expertise.
  • Crafted stowage plans & lashing and loading plans: Precision in every operation.
  • Loadmaster services: Balancing weight and space reasonably.
  • Harbor & deep-sea Towage: Ensuring safe passages.
  • Customs procedure navigation: Transcending boundaries seamlessly.
  • Transfer crew provision: Dedicated manpower for every transition.

At Workboats Consulting, we pride ourselves on our dedication to each project and our ability to deliver tailored, comprehensive solutions for vessel transportation. If you need a shipping service and are in search of a strong partner, contact us at

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