At Workboats Consulting, we’re all about providing an exceptional crew to your vessel transport that navigates vessels safely from one port to another. Our crew recently had the opportunity to navigate brand new Baltic Workboats vessels from Nasva, Saaremaa to the port of Paldiski. With years of experience and an ocean of knowledge in maritime navigation, our skilled captains navigated with finesse, ensuring that ships arrived at their destination on time and without any damage. 

In addition to sailing the vessels, our team also assisted in launching, securing, and preparing the vessels for further transport. Correct launching, securing, and preparing are essential to secure the vessel’s undamaged transportation. As our team has extensive experience in launching ships out of the water, we were more than happy to support our customers in this operation.

Our crew has not been fortunate with the weather conditions on recent vessel transportation as they have had to contend with heavy storms and dangerous swells at sea. But for a change, the sea gods finally smiled, granting calm seas and favorable weather conditions. Good weather conditions were anticipated as the construction and characteristics of the vessels are not designed to cope with high swells and stormy weather.  

The vessels entrusted to our care were Baltic Workboats brand new Workboat 15 LC— a true masterpiece. With a draft as shallow as 0.45 meters, it’s a multifunctional workboat that’s tailor-made for transporting goods, equipment, and even responding to oil spills. Soon, these incredible vessels will embark on a new chapter, operating in the captivating waters of South Asia, specifically in the waterways of Bangladesh. Their unique characteristics make them perfect for the region. 

Images of Workboats Consulting vessel transport from Baltic Workboats to the port of Paldiski

We wish Passur Cleaner-3 and Passur Cleaner-2 and their crews safe seas!  

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