Workboats Consulting has won the Estonian public procurement "Investment needs of ports and development of an operating model for a retrofit hub“

Workboats Consulting, as a leading maritime consultancy firm, is delighted to announce that we have won a significant public procurement contract conducted by the Estonian Ministry of Climate to define the investment needs of Estonian ports as part of the European climate package “Fit for 55“. The contract also involves the development of an operating model for an innovative shipbuilding and ship repair Center(s) also known as a retrofit hub, designed to provide a high-quality ship refitting service in the Baltic Sea region. 

The primary objective of this procurement contract is to develop a pioneering model that supports the participation of smaller companies in international markets, without requiring substantial financial investments. By establishing a shipbuilding and repair center, companies in the Baltic region providing ship conversion and renewal services gain unprecedented access to global opportunities and serve as a breeding ground for innovative approaches in maritime technology. 

„Green transition is challenging but we need to look for possibilities how to gain also economic growth from it,“ said Jaak Viilipus, Head of Maritime Department in the Ministry of Climate. „Different global analyses show that the demand for retrofitting will rise quickly and currently Estonian companies are already engaged in marine greetech and retrofit activities all over the world. Planned study will support us in our policy making decisions.“ 

One of the key aspects of the study is to identify potential new possible locations for ship repair and construction facilities, including the evaluation of dry- and wet docking capacity. Ensuring the availability of modern repair and conversion facilities in order to support the national and global green transition needs since the current global capacity will not be sufficient to meet the demand that green transition brings. Additionally, the study will explore the potential of Estonian shipyards, service providers, and ports to adopt green technologies and implement ship retrofits. The absence of such measures could significantly impact the country’s ability to achieve its emissions reduction targets. 

“We are honored to have been awarded this prestigious public procurement contract,” said Edgar Peganov, CEO of Workboats Consulting. “Our team is excited to embrace this opportunity to shape the future of Estonian shipbuilding and contribute to the sustainable development of the maritime industry. Through our expertise and innovative thinking, we aim to create a blueprint that facilitates the growth of companies in the maritime sector, strengthens the nation’s shipbuilding capabilities, and actively supports the reduction of emissions from the shipping sector. We have solidified our reputation as a reliable partner in the maritime sector, providing consultancy services to numerous prestigious clients globally. With our deep industry knowledge, international experience, and commitment to sustainability, Workboats Consulting is well-positioned to successfully undertake this crucial project.” 

This project is scheduled for completion in just five months, presenting us with a tight timeframe to achieve all our objectives. Stay tuned about our progress and accomplishments by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we’ll keep you updated on our projects!