A game-changing partnership between Workboats Consulting and Cetasol helps to revolutionize maritime decarbonization

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Cetasol, a Swedish technology start-up. Cetasol specializes in creating automatic data-driven digital twins for vessels and engines helping captains, managers, and business owners make smart decisions (adaptive AI software). Their comprehensive support encompasses a range of areas critical to optimizing operations and reducing environmental impact. Through this partnership, Workboats Consulting will represent Cetasol in Estonia, offering innovative solutions to support maritime decarbonization.

Digital twin vessel by Cetaslol
Digital twin vessel by Cetaslol

Some of the key solutions provided by Cetasol include:

  • Voyage optimization – helps to reduce fuel costs and emissions by finding the most efficient routes for your vessels. Considers factors like weather conditions, currents, and fuel consumption to optimize your voyage planning.
  • Extensive speed optimization – recommending optimal speeds for different parts of a voyage to reduce fuel cost and emissions taking into account factors like weather and sea state.
  • Daily energy management reports – insights into your vessel’s energy consumption to further optimize your fuel consumption strategies.
  • Full electric analysis by Cetasol for electrification feasibility – assess the feasibility of transitioning your fleet to electric propulsion; can significantly reduce emissions and improve sustainability
  • Bio-LNG/LPG analysis by Cetasol for alternative solutions – Cetasol can measure the operational profile (power, speed, operational hours) to estimate the benefits of Bio-LNG or Biofuels in terms of Co2 reduction, ROI, and running operational cost. If they have already Bio-LNG or biofuel, then the standard solution is equally applicable.
  • Third-generation biofuel analysis by Cetasol for alternative solutions – As for the BIO-LNG, Cetasol can measure your operational profile to estimate the benefits of biofuel in terms of ROI, Co2 reduction, and running operational cost.
Cetasol iHelm revolutionizes maritime decarbonization
Cetasol iHelm interface

The unit cost of the Cetasol system, including installation, is a low-figure investment for vessel owners and operators, reaching its payback point in the first months. By following the system’s recommendations fuel savings of 10-25% can be achieved. At a fuel consumption of 20 to 70 tonnes per day, this translates into a financial gain of 60,000 – 400,000 per month! (P.S.: fuel consumption depends on a number of parameters, the information given is indicative.)

This partnership between Workboats Consulting and Cetasol marks a significant step towards maritime decarbonization. By leveraging Cetasol’s advanced technologies and expertise, Workboats Consulting aims to support Estonian vessel operators/owners and vessels visiting Estonia and nearby countries to optimize operational costs and in meeting sustainability targets posted by the European Climate Package Fit for 55.

“Workboats Consulting is thrilled to join forces with Cetasol to bring cutting-edge solutions to the Estonian maritime sector,” said Luis Stranberg, Project Manager at Workboats Consulting. “With Cetasol’s innovative digital twin technology and expertise in sustainability, we are confident that together we can drive real change and contribute to a more sustainable future for the industry.”

“Cetasol’s focus on sustainability aligns perfectly with our vision at Workboats Consulting,” added Edgar Peganov, CEO of Workboats Consulting. “Their solutions not only optimize operations but also offer alternatives and insights for transitioning to cleaner energy sources. Not to mention the possibility for companies to optimize operational costs and plan the necessary maintenance of machinery in time. I strongly believe that the solutions that Cetasol provides are key tools for shipping companies to achieve targets set in the European Climate Package. This partnership allows us to provide our clients with the tools they need to navigate the changing landscape of maritime decarbonization successfully.”

Cetasol digital twin desision support speed optimization fleet management helps to Cetasol-digital-twin-desision-support-speed-optimization-fleet-managementrevolutionize maritime decarbonization
Services provided by Cetasol

As part of our cooperation, we have already installed the iHelm system on the Norwegian cargo vessel. The implementation of this state-of-the-art technology posed unique challenges due to the ship’s analog clocks. Our dedicated team of technicians worked on this hard, utilizing creative solutions to ensure proper signal integration and digital conversion. We’ll share more about this project in the near future.

Workboats Consulting brings extensive experience in the maritime industry, offering expert consultation services to clients worldwide. Our partnership with Cetasol further strengthens our commitment to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to clients to support the maritime decarbonization process.

If you are looking for ways to optimise costs and reduce the carbon footprint of your fleet, contact us at hello@wbcons.ee and we will find the best solution for you!