What is the status of equipment and surveyors availability for the offshore windfarm development projects?

A general overheating of the offshore and survey market is developing, leading to contractor struggling to firm up vessel and survey time for decided projects. A natural increase in pricing and delay of project are already seen in the market, led by the OWF developers most hesitating to secure tonnage and surveyors for long term agreements. The heat is rising and early bookings for the equipment and surveyors are crucial to stay on schedule.

How is Workboats Consulting supporting the developers?

Workboats Consulting is, based on the development in the market, and the foreseen challenges, utilizing the available resources into pushing the development of the OWF in a professional and effective way at reasonable costs by optimizing the operation of the available assets by exploiting their vast network in an optimal way, thus providing project owners most value for money when looking into the necessary survey and investigation campaign prudent for developing an offshore wind project.

Range of surveys (not limited)?

Bathymetry surveys.

Benthos surveys.

Habitat surveys.

Flora & Fauna.

Seismic survey upper layer of sediment.



In addition we are supporting our clients with all the logistics needed, including CTV support (Crew Transfer Vessel services), for keeping the clients stress level as low as possible 🙂

Workboats Consulting is working today with two Estonian OWF developers – Saare Wind Energy and Utilitas.

Our professional network involves the best expertise from the OWF industry (Denmark, Germany) which enables us to offer our clients the best possible service in achieving their goals.