Workboats Consulting recently provided a skilled and professional crew to support a series of military vessel sea trials. Our team of experienced professionals provided essential support to ensure the success of the sea trials.

Military vessels must be able to operate in a variety of challenging environments. They must also be able to perform complex maneuvers with precision. Improper test runs can lead to safety hazards, delays, and additional costs

The military vessel sea trials were conducted over a period of three days and involved a variety of tests, including speed, maneuverability, and seakeeping tests. The vessels´ whole equipment, including navigation, communication, and safety systems, were also tested to ensure that everything was working as required. The weather conditions were treacherous, with high winds and thick fog, which put our team and the vessel to the test.

We are pleased to report that the sea trials were a success, and the military vessels performed as expected. We are proud of the role that our team played in this important project, and we look forward to continuing to support the shipbuilding industry in the future.

If you’re seeking for a qualified staff to assist with your military vessel sea trials, get in touch with Workboats Consulting. We are committed to support our clients in conducting successful sea trials and assuring the performance and safety of their vessels.

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